Catadman Lodge In Danao City


Catadman Lodge

Typhoon Ramon forced me to get stranded at Danao City. The Philippine Coast Guard doesn’t allow any vessel to leave the pier. Because of this, I was forced to look for hotel that is affordable and located within the city. I asked one of the crew of Jollibee Danao and he told me to try Catadman Lodge.

Catadman Lodge is located in Barangay Sabang, Danao City. Visitors had to walk along a poorly maintained dirt road to get to the lodge. Catadman Lodge can easily be reached from center of Danao City. Just go to the public terminal across Gaisano Mall and ride the Sabang bound tricycle there. Tricycle fare costs 8 pesos per person. Buses from Cebu City pass by the entrance of the dirt road to the lodge.

The Jollibee employee is correct when he said that Catadman Lodge is an affordable hotel in Danao City. Overnight stay at lodge cost me 350 pesos. I chose the cheapest room that is not air-conditioned and doesn’t have its own bathroom. The large ceiling fan in my room is enough to give me a cool night’s sleep. My room is clean and has a bed that is big enough for me. I can say that it is perfect for 350 pesos. Visitors who chose the cheap room can use the shared bathroom, which has three separate toilets and three separate showers.

Catadman-Lodge-tables-and-chairsAny visitors of Catadman Lodge can use any of the facilities like the dining table and the bamboo shed. There is also a garden that can be used for group activities.

Catadman-Lodge-sea-wallThe rocky beach of Catadman Lodge.

Catadman Lodge is located beside the sea and visitors can go to the beach and take a swim. The beach beside Catadman Lodge is not developed, however, and is rocky. There are parts of the sea that is deep enough and suitable for those who want to take a dip.

The sea is cold during my stay at Catadman Lodge that’s why I did not swim. I just went there to take some photo like this ruined boundary wall of Catadman Lodge. I am practicing the rule of threes when taking a photo.

Rocky-beach-of-Catadman-LodgeAnyone can check in anytime and the check out time is 9 AM. So, if you are in Danao City and looking for an affordable place to sleep then you should try Catadman Lodge. You can call the cellular phone number 0919-6950588 for inquiries. Catadman Lodge is open 24 hours.


Swimming area near Catadman Lodge

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