Danao City Port and Shipping Schedules

danao-city-port-Super-ShuttleThe port of Danao services the Camotes Island is located off the coast of Danao City and is known because of its unspoiled natural beauty. ,Large motor bancas (diesel powered wooden outriggers) and a roll on roll off (rusty) steel ferry connect to the Camotes islands 40km offshore and Ormoc on the neighbouring island of Leyte.




Danao City Port


Monday / Sunday

Fare: 180.00

Danao Port / Consuelo Wharf

Departure Time / 6:00 AM

Arrival Time / 8:30 AM

Consuelo Wharf / Danao Port

Departure Time / 11:00 AM

Arrival Time / 2:30 PM

JUNMAR Monday / Sunday (No trip on Saturday)


Danao City to Puertobello San Francisco to Poro

12:30 PM / 2:30 PM / 3:00 PM

Poro to Puertobello, San Francisco to Danao City

6:30 AM / 7:00 AM / 9:00 AM

SUPER SHUTTLE FERRY Monday / Sunday Fare: 200.00

Danao City to Poro, Camotes 5:00 AM / 8:00 AM

Poro, Camotes / Danao City 5:00 PM / 8:00 PM


* Schedules and fare rates are subject to change without notice.

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