Exciting View in Manlayag Danao City


Manlayag, Danao City

If you want to relax and witness an exciting and wonderful view just go and visit barangay Manlayag.    





Manlayag is one of the mountainous barangay in Danao City. It is composed of three sites- Manlayag Patag, Manlayag Bungtod and Manlayag Kawayan. Many foreigners visited in this place before just to witnessed the mountain bike race to be joined by the bikers in different countries. It is mostly done every month of July. However, due to some reason, it is no longer now a spot of mountain bike race, but in spite of that, still barangay Manlayag is a much spoken place for its very nice and exciting sceneries. It is a place where you can find peace in mind and heart that’s why it is suit for those people who wants to find themselves from unwanted and unexpected problems.

manlayag-danao-city-cebu-1On the other hand, even how nice the thing or place it was, there’s always a counterpart negative portrayal. Some of the people said that Manlayag is known for its supernatural well being just like manananggal, aswang and many others which is a fallacious presumption for there wasn’t even a single evidence to prove that they were really existing in the said place. manlayag-danao-city-cebu-2

As a matter of fact, people living in Manlayag were religious individual and aside from that they were approachable too. Late 1990’s, there was a miracle happened in Manlayag. Mama Mary did her miracle inside the cave that’s why many people from the other place took a visit in there and they together brought a small container to be filled by a water in the spring located beside in Mama Mary’s image for they believe that it can heal different ailments. Until now, people in Manlayag offer a prayer inside the cave.

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