A New Beginning In Danao City Comes In Natural Way

danao-city-hallA new dawn here in Danao City. The other day I was watching our television in the family room. I saw an argument on a show where the man spoke perfect English only and the female argued back in Tagalog only. Also, a discussion show later had the people liberally peppering their English with Tagalog. I don’t much care because I was not interested in the show my wife was watching. All I could think of was all Filipinos who don’t know or speak English wondering what the people on TV were saying. Is this some government mandate that decrees both languages have to be used side by side? In some cases where an official language is not required, the speaker, to make themselves more understood to another Filipino will use their native language. For some higher class people, you might notice they will start with using their native language, then switch to English, ending in their native language. Other times they may start with English, switch to their native language, then end with English….. .it’s a status thing. You would also have to account for the fact that there are some phrases in a native language that just don’t translate into English and, vice versa. Of course most of you already know I live in Danao City, where most people speak Cebuano/Visayan.

Danao-City-big-gunsMy wife Beng continues on her search looking for a couple of helpers. Both to help her in the outside yard work and help out inside the house and help me. The last two full time helpers we had were dumb and dumber or better described as two junk yard dogs. We both had a big sigh of relief when they both left in search of the promise land of no work and much money. Both are living in the squatter area of Danao and freeloading in search of a better life. Life goes on.

danao-city-quarryYes life does go on here for the Merrimons. This morning I awoke to my ever loving wife telling its time to get up while saying to me, “Rise and shine” followed by a sweet kiss and then to get my bath to face the day. Ask if it was hard to get up. Opps let me turn my hearing aid higher so I can hear you’re answer. This past year I turned 76 years old and this coming March I’ll be 77, I can remember when I was the youngish in a crowd and now I’m the oldest.

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