How To Get To Danao City From Cebu City

North Bus Terminal To Danao CIty

North Bus Terminal To Danao CIty

The cheapest way is to go by bus. Get yourslef to the Cebu North bus terminal. Buses will be leaving for Danao City atleast every 15 minutes. You can ride on Ceres Liner or minibuses that travel to Carmen or Sogod. It’s current fare for minibus is 35 pesos. For big buses like Ceres Liner and Road Runner, it’s fare is 40 pesos.


SM City Cebu V-Hire Terminal

You can also get there by V-Hire. The V-Hire terminal is located in front of SM Mall. The V-Hire fare is 50 pesos per head. It’s capacity is atleast 16-18 passengers. A V-Hire will get you to Danao in an aircon van faster than the bus. However, be aware that they squeeze up to 18 people into a van designed for about 14. Best place to sit in a V-Hire is the front seat,


If you want to travel in comfort, you can take a taxi. The rate may range from 600 pesos (about usd $14) to 1,000 pesos one way. You may get better by bargaining.

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