The Waterpark in Danao City


Water Park Danao City, Cebu

Another place to hide out on a weekend or to cool off from the summer heat is at Intosan Water Park in Danao City. Another city north of Cebu.

 danao-city-water-park-4danao-city-water-park-7They have three swimming pools. One is a lazy pool that will take you to almost the entire area of the park. The 2nd pool is a semi-Olympic size pool with a slide and has small section with jacuzzi, overlooking the 2nd pool. The 3rd pool is smaller but deeper and is opened longer than the last two. The two pools are opened until 6 in the evening with the latter is opened until 11pm. And true to being a waterpark, in the middle of the lazy pool are shallow water with statues of marine animals and small slides very safe for the kids and the kids at heart.

Accommodation is not that expensive, the last time we went there, their rooms are at 1500 danao-city-water-park-5regular price and we were able to avail of their 40% discount. They also serve affordable food.

Getting there is also easy, you can just ride a van for hire (v-hire for short) from Cebu City, once you arrive at the terminal you can ask a tricycle to take you to Intosan.

This is another place that’s worth visiting this summer.

danao-city-water-park-2 danao-city-water-park-3

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