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A New Beginning In Danao City Comes In Natural Way

A new dawn here in Danao City. The other day I was watching our television in the family room. I saw an argument on a show where the man spoke perfect English only and the female argued back in Tagalog only. Also, a discussion show later had the people liberally peppering their English with Tagalog. […]

The Waterpark in Danao City

Another place to hide out on a weekend or to cool off from the summer heat is at Intosan Water Park in Danao City. Another city north of Cebu.

How To Get To Danao City From Cebu City

The cheapest way is to go by bus. Get yourslef to the Cebu North bus terminal. Buses will be leaving for Danao City atleast every 15 minutes. You can ride on Ceres Liner or minibuses that travel to Carmen or Sogod. It’s current fare for minibus is 35 pesos. For big buses like Ceres Liner […]

The Old Church Of Danao City

Visiting Catholic churches is a must for me whenever I travel anywhere in the Philippines. I consider my travel incomplete if I fail to go to at least one church located in the town that I am visiting. As a Catholic nation, churches serve as a witness to the history of the town where it […]

The Karansa Festival of Danao City

Karansa is a dance festival that shows the joy and happiness through performing the four basic steps, the kikay, karag, kurug and kurahay. In a little way, its adance to be merry and to celebrates – a word from Councilor Carmen “Ivy” Durano-Meca, committee on Tourism Chairperson. It was called Karansa because the people of […]

The Gun Industry at Danao City

Through Captain Manuel Aniceto del Rosario’s defective hearing of the early 1960’s,  thus DANAWAN  had become  DANAO.. Danao City is well-known for its gun industry. The industry started around 1905-1906.When World War II came, the Danao gunsmiths went underground, joined the guerrilla movement or were inducted into the USAFFE. Their main task was to re-chamber […]

My Brief Stay At Danao City

  I said in a previous post that Typhoon Ramon forced me to be stranded in the City of Danao. Instead of skulk and be pissed off by the typhoon, I used the whole day to roam the center of Danao City and see what the city has to offer. Danao City is located in […]

Catadman Lodge In Danao City

Typhoon Ramon forced me to get stranded at Danao City. The Philippine Coast Guard doesn’t allow any vessel to leave the pier. Because of this, I was forced to look for hotel that is affordable and located within the city. I asked one of the crew of Jollibee Danao and he told me to try […]

Danao City Port and Shipping Schedules

The port of Danao services the Camotes Island is located off the coast of Danao City and is known because of its unspoiled natural beauty. ,Large motor bancas (diesel powered wooden outriggers) and a roll on roll off (rusty) steel ferry connect to the Camotes islands 40km offshore and Ormoc on the neighbouring island of […]

Exciting View in Manlayag Danao City

If you want to relax and witness an exciting and wonderful view just go and visit barangay Manlayag.